We are AjCollection LLC, a luxury virgin hair company.

Our clientele includes but is not limited to salons, individual stylists,retailers and celebrities.
We focus on supplying great quality, which is why our clients have a growing tenure with us. We want to ensure that you are getting the best of the BEST!


Quite honestly, there's nothing like it! Filipino hair gives you EVERYTHING you want in great extensions! If you're looking for hair that's full, luxurious, thick and bouncy.... LOOK NO FURTHER!

Our Filipino hair is tangle free and sways as you sashay!

Just ask any of our clients we feature on Instagram! 

We appreciate each and every one of YOU!!

For those that don't know Aj Collection is primarily a wholesale company. 

We have noticed an increase in requests for Filipino hair to be sold retail. To cater to everyone's needs we have selected Monday's  and Friday's as our retail order days. (Click on specific product for further details)in which Filipino hair(and other origins) will be available for sale, on a first come first serve basis. 

No matter retail or wholesale client, at the end of it all our main mission is to,
“ Regain the TRUE definition of quality virgin hair while building better relationships with our clients, understanding your needs and not making you feel like "just another customer".